Satori World Medical: Globalizes Medical Care by Introducing a Worldwide Health Network of Physicians and Nurses


One of the contributions that the age of modernism brought is the concept of globalization. It is where many countries identify themselves as part of one, global community. And one of the products of globalization is the new and emerging trend called medical tourism. It is a term coined by travel experts to identify people who seek medical treatment overseas rather than in their own country. Hence, it promotes globalization as it connects global citizens to other countries to enjoy their vacation trips abroad, while undergoing cost-efficient and top-class quality health care.  No wonder, with the popularity of medical tourism nowadays, it has transformed from a cottage industry into a major alternative for elective care that is safe and affordable, if coordinated by esteemed medical and travel care providers.

Established in 2007, Satori World Medical is now becoming a leading example of standard for excellence in worldwide health networks and service providers in the US. The company is the first provider to establish a global network of hospital organizations and medical practitioners, globalizing medical care services for patients receiving treatment from a hospital in another country. Patients just need to contact Satori and their entire medical and travel needs are handled by experienced travel care coordinators and nurse patient advocates. Although providing quality medical and travel care services is important, Satori also realizes the importance of offering superlative medical care to patients. Meaning, they prioritize on meeting the specific needs of patients with different cultural backgrounds. So, the company only selects hospital organizations in different countries that have met the international standards for medical care, English-speaking staff and practitioners and culture-oriented people. This is done to gain a better cultural understanding between the hospital and the patients, allowing their speedy recovery.

All hospitals affiliated with Satori’s global health network are accredited by the Joint Commission International and strictly follow AMA guidelines. These hospitals are integrated into one network called International Centers of Excellence found across the world like in Canada, Malaysia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Singapore and India. The hospitals undergo quality assurance and control by Satori World Medical to ensure that the equipment, facilities, technology used and medical practitioners are consistent in providing world-class health care.


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