Heal your Mind and Soul with Namaste Yoga


Heal your Mind and Soul with Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga is a quite famous and beneficial yoga that helps people to be acquainted with mutual and shared value with the rest of their class. This form of yoga or exercise fills the heart of people with a feeling of unity.  Namaste is a Sanskrit word and the meaning of Namaste Yoga is ‘bow to the God inside you’. This word is associated with spirituality. The gesture of this yoga symbolizes that we are within the reach of a divine spark that we all have.

It is very simple form of yoga that is done by putting both your hands close to your heart. In this yoga, you need to point up the index fingers and the fold the rest fingers of your hands. Afterward, close your eyes and bow your head. Namaste Yoga is not exactly prayer, but it is a gentle way to calm down your soul and heart. This way you can focus on what you like the most. It is recommended that one must think on the forthcoming schedule of exercise.

There are no certain timings to practice Namaste Yoga. You can do it whenever you have sufficient time. One can join yoga classes or can start doing it in his or her own house. Tension and stress are some common problems of today’s lifestyle which can be solved with this form of yoga. You can release all the stress of your mind and can concentrate on your work if you do it on a regular basis. Most yoga experts recommend Namaste yoga when one starts his/her workout. If you follow all the instructions of your yoga instructor, you can get lots of benefits.

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