Buying the Right Protein Powder


You obviously know that most New Year’s Resolutions are based around losing weight and being healthier.

That’s why this article may be extremely helpful particularly if you’ve started buying protein shakes and smoothies. It’s often confusing and frustrating anytime you go down to your health store or sports nutrition outlet trying to determine which kind or brand of protein powder to buy.

So I asked James Starns, a Personal Trainer and Staff Member of Maximum Sports Nutrition, to share his knowledge about supplementing with a protein powder.

I get asked all the time about protein powders and which supplements to buy. Why should I use supplements especially protein powder? Which kind and brand should i use? How important is protein when training.

Firstly, supplementing with protein is an absolutely essential nutrient when training, we all needquality protein daily.

Generallyits challenging to eat enough protein within our eating habits, particularly if we’ve nutritional limitations, for instance being a vegetarian. If we are deficient in protein for long periods of time we might experience loss of muscle, exhaustion, constant simple carb cravings, long recovery periods with extended DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness) and even hair loss.

Protein is a great way to supplement your diet but choose wisely. There are tons of brands of protein on the market today making it really challenging to choose a good quality protein which is right for your training regime. So i will do my best to point you in the right direction making things a little easier.

Which type of protein is best?

There are quite a few different types of protein that will do different jobs, the most popular being Whey Protein. Whey protein is probably the most used for post-workout (recovery) helping to build muscle and also helps with your immune system.

Vegetarian Proteins and how to choose the right one?

Whenyou’re looking to buy a vegetarian protein powder watch out for a few things. Firstly, is what are they using for the protein. With vegetarian proteins there will usually be a blend of pea protein, rice protein or hemp and soy protein. I’m not a vegetarian but have tasted quite a few of these proteins, more for just to see what they taste like and mix likethan the overall effect, I was quite surprised as they tasted good but found them flourery and didn’t mix that well, my favourite was Reflex Vegan Protein and my worst being the Nutrisport Vegetarian Protein

Always avoidprotein that contains high amounts of simple sugars, artificial sweeteners,aspartame and sucralose. Always choose a high quality protein powder that should always be sweetened by Stevia. Also try and avoid high soy protein contents as this can reduce testosterone levels by around 20% and just generally interfere with your hormone levels.

My favourite protein powders that i would spend my hard earned cash on.

There are a few great protein powders on the market. My favourite is Reflex Nutrition for several reasons. They can be easily be mixed in water, and have a great thin taste I hate gloopy thick proteins straight after a work-out and I also know I’m getting quality which is important. If I was to buy a vegetarian protein again it would be Reflex Nutrition’s Vegan Protein or the Sci-Mx Pro- VX

Incorporate protein into your diet through shakes mixed with water, skimmed milk or almond milk. If you’re a little more adventurous and have more time on your hands you can make pancakes, protein flap jack, bars the list is endless. If you’re looking for great recipes have a look at these guys they’re great

I hope I’ve cleared up one or two things regarding buying and using protein to make your life a little easier to spend more time on baking protein cakes!!

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